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Everglades Chapter member Candy Childrey and her husband John took a three week trip to Ecuador. Eight days of that trip were spent in "The Enchanted Islands,"-Ecuador's Galapágos Islands which are located in the Pacific Ocean 600+ miles west of the mainland.  In this gallery are a few of the images she took of the wildlife located there.  "Some of these animals are found no where else in the world and are virtually untouched and unaffected by the hoards of tourists that trek to these Darwin Islands each year."

Ed Dvorak began shooting in High School and College for both the campus newspaper and Year Books. He has been shooting sport photography in South Florida for over twenty years. He wrote a "How To" sports photography article for the current PSA Journal. Recent assignments were for Publix Supermarket, Earthlink Internet, Zephyrhills Pure Spring Water, Bud Light Beer, and Caterpillar Engines. His photos have appeared in Camera & Travel, Muscle Magazine, Florida Fitness, Hustler, Gallery, Leg Show, and Playboy's Internet Glamour Photo Contest. Click  Gallery  for a tour of Ed's sports images.

Sports Photography by Ed Dvorak

  Galapágos Islands Gallery by Candace Childrey

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"The Moon is in His Hands"
Carol-Ann Rogus FPSA

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All Everglades members are invited to submit an image for our Creative and Action Galleries. In addition, members may also submit four images plus a self portrait for display at this website in their own Member Gallery. Click on the "Member Gallery Layout" Link below for information about image specifications.